“Why Save Money If I’ll Die Tomorrow”

We can think of many reasons of why we should save and many excuses of why we shouldn’t. Living in the moment is an excellent excuse. Why save for tomorrow if we don’t know that tomorrow will come? Well, up until today we have had 100% survival rate and we are likely to have a lot more tomorrows ahead of us. 71.4 years is the average life expectancy of the global population in 2015 according to the World Health Organization. It is true that anything can happen but why should we limit our future possibilities by focusing on the less probable situation?

If we justify our spending with living in the moment our problem isn’t that we’re spending money, our problem is that we believe that we need money to live in the moment. There’s nothing wrong with spending a bit extra on oneself once in a while and it actually has little impact if we have a solid saving system in place. But if the reason why we don’t have any savings is that we are living in the moment we will never reach higher than average in the joy we can experience with money as a tool.

I dare to say that with sufficient amount of reserves and an active saving habit we will be enabled to live more in the moment compared to the occasional splurges that drain our accounts. Having savings turns everything around, instead of wanting something -> wait until we have enough money to get it -> buy it, we go the opposite direction, we save -> see something we want -> evaluate if it’s worth it -> buy it whenever we feel like it. You do the hard work first and then you can use part of it when opportunity pops up and simultaneously refill it. You won’t be restricted by money and you can choose exactly which moments you want to live a bit extra in.

Using the excuse to live in the moment and therefore not saving makes saving sound miserable. It’s not. It’s just a simple habit and once you’ve got used to it you barely notice while you get access to its benefits. Just because you can’t splurge whenever you feel like it doesn’t mean that you will suffer. By just cutting out your waste expenses you can save some money every month and you will still enjoy all your expenses that gives you value. You’ll in other words keep a rich life while saving money, it’s not the fastest method but it will open up the opportunity to use the saved money on something even better in the future for a very small sacrifice.

I might make it sound like if you just start saving you will be able to buy anything at any time no matter the price. Of course that is not true, you won’t be able to buy everything just because you have savings, but you will not be restricted by money in the same way and new opportunities will open up to you. The reason why I make it sound as if you can buy anything at any time is because that’s exactly how it makes me feel. Because I’ve already built up my savings and in my recent years I’ve always bought whatever I need and then just refilled my savings afterwards. The recipe for living in the moment while saving simply is to start saving money + do the save first, buy second and then refill + when you buy something make sure that you really want what you want, otherwise if you spend money on random things you can drain your savings very fast. Saving money is never about restricting your life, you can live a full and rich life while saving and in the process you’ll open up more doors in your future.

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