“Or You Create Million Rupees”

It’s comfortable to rely on excuses, they make us feel better about not doing what we know that we should be doing. They give us a reason for being the way we are but they also cost us our potential and when it comes to our finances this results in not only costing us our potential but also our money as a consequence. We have many different possibilities to have more money and stabilize our finances but that package does not come with excuses and if we ever want to achieve that we need to start doing something about it.

Excuses are indeed facts about what have contributed to the situation but the excuses can only state the current situation and will never take you forward. We make ourselves believe that we can’t do anything about it because of our comfy excuse, we sugar coat our lack of will to do anything about it and as a result we paralyze ourselves. Okay, that might have been a bit harsh to say but let’s take a look at how we formulate our excuses and how it makes us feel if we change it a bit. Give me a reason of why your finances are not as stable as you wish or why you don’t have as much money as you want? To make an example I’ll use the excuse:

I don’t earn enough money so I can’t increase my savings.”

Let’s do a small change and take out the word “can’t” and insert “don’t want to” instead and take a look:

I don’t earn enough money so I don’t want to increase my savings.

I assume the first statement felt more comfortable to say, it’s a passive statement where we can’t do anything about it meanwhile the second statement is a statement where we take an active decision not to do anything about it. If we try to find the different excuses we use in life and change “can’t” into “don’t want to” we can try out how we feel about it, if we feel uncomfortable with how it sounds it’s an indication that we should be doing something about it.

Like I mentioned before, excuses are facts about what have contributed to the situation so it’s not completely irrelevant information. Since we have already identified a contributing factor to why we are not achieving what we wish to achieve we are in a great position to do something about it, it would be much tougher if we were completely clueless. Let’s bring our excuses to the next step, gather them and start asking yourself for each excuse “What can I do about it?”

By changing the approach to your excuses you have started the journey towards your million rupees or whichever currency you keep in your wallet.

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