“Few Will Do What You Do.”

Night is one of my favorite times during the day because when I sleep I can dream and when I dream anything can happen. I can go anywhere I want, meet anyone I want and I’m suddenly a lot better speaking any language I’m trying to learn. The world of dreams is a wonderful place whether it’s while sleeping or daydreaming, but if it’s so wonderful, why don’t we try harder to make it into a permanent reality instead of an intangible dream.

Stepping outside your dream and making it into reality requires effort and this is where we get stuck. In some cases circumstances in life might stop us from achieving a dream but there are also cases where it doesn’t. Financial freedom happens to be one of those cases that many of us have the ability to achieve it, we might think that we don’t but it doesn’t have to be so far out of reach as it might seem, we just have to be willing to do what it takes to get there.

Financial freedom is not built in a day and any person you might have in your surrounding that has achieved financial freedom has intentionally or unintentionally put it work to get where they are financially. It is a process built on everyday decisions, your perception of money and reflection. You are probably familiar with the situation when you’re at home and super comfortable in your sofa, you know you should do that thing you procrastinated for some weeks but you just don’t feel like it. Achieving financial freedom require you to make decisions that can recall a similar feeling, you know you should but you prefer another more fun or comfortable option. It is not only one time you have to make that kind of decision, it’s on a daily basis. Suddenly financial freedom sounds exhausting and it won’t be a dance on roses. You could say that it will be like going up a hill that gradually becomes less and less steep until you hit a point and you start going downhills. The first decisions will be hard to make but for each time you make the decision you are building a habit and eventually that habit is as solid as brushing your teeth, not that much of an effort.

Financial freedom is not a state of suddenly having a huge amount of money, financial freedom is more of a lifestyle, how your relation to money and money usage is. Therefore, you don’t need to be lucky and win the lottery or being born rich to have financial freedom in life. Anyone, you or me or your neighbour, can achieve financial freedom. All we need to do is to be willing to do what it takes.

Take some time to think about what the people that you admire are doing? Are you willing to do the same? Let’s make our dreams come true!

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