Are You in Love with Your Salary?

Do you get that special feeling at the end of the month, that feeling of excitement and happiness spreading through your body and mind? That feeling you get when salary day is coming? Money certainly creates a lot of emotions in us, it can be happiness, sadness, stress, calmness, but can it also be love? Is losing your job, hence your source of income, just like a bad break up?

It’s obviously not the money itself that we love, it is what the money can do that we love. With a society evolving around money it also opens up all kinds of different opportunities and it takes away any kind of material restrictions. The question is do we need to love money to enjoy its benefits? Or could the love for money possibly give us more trouble than pleasure? Does all the opportunities and temptations make us feel lost and we’re just stumbling around not finding our way in life?

We dedicate a major part of our lives for money. We spend hours working so we can have salary and even after work we spend time thinking about money we want to have, money we do have, what we want to buy and the time we spend actually spending money. When we care less for money we don’t only save more money, we spend less time as well, time that can be used for another passion in life. Since we’re investing so much of our time for money we should make sure that we do it for the right reasons. Are you controlling your money are your money controlling you?

Let’s play with the thought about what happens when we stop caring about money. Intuitively we would think that a person that doesn’t care about money also doesn’t care about earning money and therefore have less money. It could be the case, but it certainly is not the obvious outcome. A person that doesn’t care about money will not engage in thoughts evolving money, thoughts like “I want to earn more money”, they won’t engage in all the temptations of buying all the different kinds of products that are constantly advertised to us. This means that they will spend both less time and money and as an outcome they will have more money. Not caring about money means that you are not engaging in all the noise that money creates in the forms of temptations, social status, and things we just “need” to have. Without the noise we will be able to better see the opportunities that matters to us once they pass by in our lives and we can easily grab them and we are also more likely to have the finances to afford them.

Once again we come back to the core question, what do you value in life? Money should never be the answer because like I said, money itself is not what loving, it’s what money can do that we love. But if we don’t know what we want the money to do for us we will get lost in all the noise that money creates in our lives and we will just be stumbling around never reaching our purpose in life.

Let go of the obsession of money and start to think about your values and purpose in life. By doing that you can avoid wasting time and money and the whole financial part of yourself will work out with a bigger ease. Don’t misunderstand me, in order to pay your bills and grab different opportunities that comes along you need a salary or some sort of income, but make sure that you are engaging in a work you enjoy and not just spend countless of hours working overtime in an office so you can buy overpriced products that you don’t have enough space for in your home.

Basically, what I’m saying is that if you care less about your money you will have more money. Not caring about money is not as simple as to just not obsessing about salary, it also means that you stop loving the power of money, the power of buying useless products.

I will leave you with these thoughts and encourage you to think about what your relationship with money is.

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