Welcome to Finance Fun on Friday!

This blog is about thoughts, ideas, tips & tricks and my perspective on personal finances. I love personal finances and I have loved saving money  ever since I was a kid. It is fun to spend money and get new things but there is also a great sensation and excitement about saving money. There is nothing better than setting up a strategy for your own personal finances and see your money grow on your account. I want to spread this excitement and all the fun there is about personal finances!

Who am I?

I am Susanna, a young adult from Sweden who loves positivity.  I have a strong personal belief that money is not the most important thing in the world, but it should be treated with respect and it can be a great tool to reach your purpose in life. On top of that, saving money is kind of my hobby and there is just so much fun about personal finances! 

Growing up in an environment where we spent money with restriction and respect I learnt a few things along the way about personal finances and how to minimize costs. At a very early age I found my first 100 SEK bill (~10$) on the street, which was a fortune for a kid and the obvious choice was to save it. My passion for money had awakened and combining that with my interest for numbers I realized at age 14 that I want to study accounting (every teenagers dream, right!). Ten years later I got my MBA in accounting and I am now working and living a dream looking at numbers everyday.