We’ll Be Back!

One year has passed since #FFF was launched. This journey has enabled a lot of reflection around different financial aspects and helped identify ideas and opinions. Along the way other great ideas has also been born and in order to put some time in these for a while #FFF will go on a break.

Do not worry! In our absence you can still browse through the different posts on the blog that you find interesting and there are tons of other fun finance material out there on the internet to enjoy.  Take the new opportunity this new year is bringing and make 2018 into an amazing financial year! To do that remember that you need to be in control of your finances and not the other way around. To be in control you need to be aware of what is happening and when you’re aware you can make changes to how you want your finances to be.

Everything is possible, all you need is an idea of where you want to go, self discipline and determination! See you soon!

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