We’ll Be Back!

One year has passed since #FFF was launched. This journey has enabled a lot of reflection around different financial aspects and helped identify ideas and opinions. Along the way other great ideas has also been born and in order to put some time in these for a while #FFF will go on a break.

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#FFF Goes on Vacation

Dear readers,

Vacation times are here which means that even #FFF will enjoy some time on the beach (once the sun appears). Summer is a great time to relax, enjoy and live life but as you might already expect to be reading here, it is extra important to manage your money well during these times. Many of us will have a few weeks of vacation which means that we have even more time during the day to potentially spend our money. We will also engage in more activities which will involve spending money and the summer bill can become quite expensive in the end.

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#FFF Launch

Hello everyone and welcome to Finance Fun on Friday! The official launch of #FFF is happening and we have a 2017 filled with a lot of financial sustainability and finance fun ahead of us!

Some of you might be wondering what this #FFF is all about.

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