#FFF Launch

Hello everyone and welcome to Finance Fun on Friday! The official launch of #FFF is happening and we have a 2017 filled with a lot of financial sustainability and finance fun ahead of us!

Some of you might be wondering what this #FFF is all about. It is very simple, finance is a lot of fun, but not so many feel the same about it. What I want to do is to share a bit of the excitement about finance with all of you every Friday. I will share different thoughts, aspects and approaches on personal finances that can add value to your life and encourage you to use your finances more strategically in life. There are a lot of smart people out in the world and I will also reflect on wise words once said about finances.

But today is only Sunday and this will be all from me this time, see you again on Friday! Until then, today is a new year and a new day, every time you spend money you are investing in your life, make it count!

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