“Is Not Determined by His Starting Capital”

We might have envied those born into richness imagining how much easier it would be if we weren’t constantly restricted by our money. The freedom of buying what we want when we want it and enjoy everything that the world has to offer that comes with a price tag. We do however not have to live the rest of our life envying those with riches and it is within our power to do something about it.

The beauty about finances is that it is not something that you just get and then you have it, it is something you have to maintain and nurture through life. Therefore, someone born into richness is not guaranteed to spend the rest of their lives like that, some might, but it’s not a given. Your starting capital is nothing but a number of where you are starting and it does not say anything about where you are going, it is up to you to draw your roadmap of where you want to go.

There are not many fast tracks into richness and it is a long and insightful journey to experience. Throughout the journey you develop a certain mind-set and a strong relationship to your finances that enables you to gain more money. Income is essential to become richer but it is completely determined by your expenses how your results will be. We live in a quiet comfortable society nowadays and we are able to support all our basic needs and much more. The much more part tends to get out of hand for many and that is the big hole in our wallet that keeps us away from becoming richer. In other words we spend more than we need on things we don’t need. If we flip this around, by not spending money on things we don’t need we can easily become richer little by little.

It is ironic how we long after an unlimited amount of money so we can spend more, but to get there we need to realize that we don’t need it and by doing so we increase our savings. Therefore, once we have a lot of savings we won’t have the same desires to spend all that money that we were longing for in the start. You might have heard about some success stories of people who were born into a poor family, they worked hard, created a success career but still with all the money they had gained they still lived frugally.

Even though we don’t have the same desires to spend money once we’ve become richer doesn’t mean that it’s not important to have savings. Savings enables us to do more in our life and it opens up different opportunities that otherwise would be out of reach. We simply don’t want to waste our money just because we have it.

To summarize the main take away from this point is to remember that the amount of money does not determine where we will end up, it is just a number and it is up to us to take us were we want to go. To become richer it is important to understand why we spend money and not to waste it. Money should not be the end goal and we should not want more just to feel the happiness of spending. Money is nothing but a tool to achieve greater things, it opens up new opportunities and it is the opportunities that it enables that should be the source of happiness.

We are about to start a new year, spend your money wisely and make sure that you find your happiness in something greater than the act of spending. If you focus on that you will have a nice side-effect of unexpected savings.

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