“Giving Every Dollar a Purpose”

At some point in life almost all of us start to wonder what our purpose in life is. Maybe we are being asked in some kind of assignment or maybe the thought popped up while trying to fall asleep. It is not an easy question to find the answer to and the answer can change as we go through life. We might want to find our purpose to feel that we are not just living day in and day out but that we are actually living for something bigger. We might want to know our purpose to know in which direction we want to go in our life journey. Our purpose is a guidance that leads to the greater good. As much as it applies to our life purpose this can be applied to any kind of purpose.

There are many misconceptions about budgets that they are boring and restricting. Many find budgets boring because they only get to the part where they fill it in and have a bunch of numbers. That part is quiet boring, it is not until you start looking into the numbers that the fun starts. What stories are your numbers telling you? How can you change these numbers to create different impacts in your life? I would say that one has to try the whole process of budgeting before judging if it’s fun or not. But what about being restrictive, a budget is telling us not to spend money, right? This depends completely on how we view the budget. Yes, you could say that it tells you not to spend money but that’s really not the whole story. It’s not about where you should not spend your money but rather where you should spend your money. A budget is about allocating your money where you find it valuable to spend them. Essentially a budget is about giving your money a purpose, it’s a guidance that leads your money to the greater good.

In other words, instead of focusing on where we can’t spend our money let’s switch it around and think about where we want and should spend our money. Your budget is about enabling you to spend your money with no regrets. To put it in perspective, uncontrolled spending would be like sharing your bank card with your neighbor, sometimes money will disappear and you’re not really sure where it went. However, uncontrolled spending is even worse. In most of the cases you’re not even sponsoring your hopefully friendly neighbor, in most cases you’re sponsoring big corporations.

Let’s put an end to our charity to the corporations and give our money the value it deserves, let’s give our money a purpose to lead a life greater than the paper bill it is.

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