“There is no one who would guarantee you”

The beautiful part about personal finances is that you have complete control over it, the scary part about personal finances is that you are 100% responsible for it. The financial situation you are in today is the situation you put yourself in. Everyone has different starting points in life, some are born into a family with more money and some with less. It is the financial journey you take in life that is up to you and you are the one who determines where the financial finish line will be.

Haisah Aisya Joohary, a person I could not find any information about, is the one quoted above. By understanding that you are the person that is in charge of your own financial situation you can take the necessary actions needed to steer your journey towards your financial dream.

Having a lot of money at the starting point will not make you wiser. Everyone has to take the financial journey through life and everyone has to put the same effort to learn about it. Unless you learn how to navigate through your journey you can lose everything you had at the starting point, it is the journey that determines where you go.

Most of us who are reading this now are living with sufficient money in order to manage our journey without any map. We can afford getting lost a few times along the way and it won’t cause a financial emergency. But because of these detours we might never be able to reach our finish line, and because we don’t have a map we might not be aware of where we actually want to go?

No one will tell us where we should go in our financial journey and how to get there, we need to be the ones taking charge over our journey, learn about it and take every step on the way to reach our goal.

Are you unknowingly walking around or do you have your map ready and know exactly where you are going?

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