Cheap Karma

This week on #FFF I would like to introduce all of you to a new concept that leads to financial success, I would like to introduce you to cheap karma!

What is Cheap Karma?

When you have adopted a financially sustainable and aware lifestyle where you cut unnecessary costs by actively evaluating and looking for cheaper options, use discounts as a strategy and stop excess spending, you will start to experience the effects of cheap karma. Suddenly, without looking for the discount or putting any effort in it, the discounts will start to appear for you in different forms and in unexpected ways. In other words it’s like karma for finances.

Does this sounds like it couldn’t possibly be true? This is in fact unscientifically proven and I’d like to share a few real life examples of cheap karma.

Bathroom Half on Half

The first example happened a few months before I was moving to my own place. In my normal routine of looking through the catalogs with offers of the week I saw a nice bathroom furniture that was half price off. I went to the store and couldn’t find the furniture anywhere so I asked the person in the store and she informed me that it was sold out, but! They still had one left that had been damaged in the transport and she told me I could get it for half of the price. The damage was minimal and on the side I have against the wall. From full price of 600 SEK it was 50% off -> 300 SEK on which I received another 50% off -> 150 SEK (approximately 15$). This is cheap karma! You become exposed to additional discounts for special circumstances.

The Fancy Flight

A good friend of mine wanted to spend less money and approached me for advice on the topic. We had continuous personal budgeting coaching and she did really great work finding different ways to spend less in her everyday life, and most importantly, adapting to these habits. A few months later she was travelling to the Philippines and out of nowhere they upgraded her to business class because the other seats were full. This is cheap karma! There are unexpected upgrades in your life without paying for it.

The Over Budget Dresses

Another great example is from last year when I and a friend saw some nice dresses in a shop that we really wanted, it was however a bit out of our budget. We had them in the back of our minds for weeks and one day we decided that we will get them anyway! When we reach the store we see big signs in the window saying “dress weeks, 30% off on all dresses” meaning that both our dresses were on sale. This is cheap karma! The discount appears on things you want when you want it.

Avocado and Discount Friends

My last example is from yesterday, as I’m travelling to Stockholm with my mum today I wanted to make some travel food. There was a certain recipe I wanted to make which contain avocado and this could be a problem because the price of avocado has almost tripled the past 15 years and I’ll only be able to cook the food if they have ripe avocado. I went to the avocado first to determine whether I would be able to make the recipe in mind, and not only were the avocados ripe, the were on discount! I continued to get the rest of the ingredients and I see Turkish yogurt on discount this week, just what I needed. I go for the bread section and of course the one specific bread I need is also on discount. In total I got three out of six ingredients that was on this week’s discounts. This is cheap karma! Even on daily essentials you will receive more discounts.

Cheap karma is not only about discounts suddenly appearing everywhere, that is a simple side effect of starting to look for discounts and realizing how much there actually is. Cheap karma means that different discounts and offers start to appear on things that you need and when you need it.

One thing you need to remember is that you are in control of your cheap karma and is entirely based on your behavior of a more financially sustainable lifestyle. If you respect your money and use it wisely cheap karma will start to appear in your life and consequently make it even more financially sustainable.

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