“Until You Are Happy With What You Have.”

Walking home from work I use to call my mum and a few weeks ago we had a conversation about how some people are never satisfied no matter how they live or what they own. Our conclusion were that you cannot become rich until you’re happy with what you already have.

Our reasoning is that if you have a constant feeling that you are lacking something you will always be poor of that thing and therefore can’t become rich no matter how much money you have. On the contrary it is when you are happy and satisfied with what you have that you become rich. I’m not saying that you automatically are rich because you’re happy with what you have even if you don’t have any money, you can be if that is how you define being rich, but in many cases it’s not. If we talk about financial richness which is the more common definition, there are two criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order to be rich in my opinion:

  1. You need to be satisfied with what you have.
  2. You need to have enough money to feel financial freedom.

I consider myself being rich, not because I have a million on my bank account (because I don’t), but because I have the freedom to do what I want when I want to because money won’t stop me and I’m also happy with what I currently have in my life.

However, living in a consumer society doesn’t make it easy for us when we are constantly told by advertisement that there is newer, better and more we can buy. We are no longer buying clothes to stay warm but instead to satisfy our current taste in fashion. We are in a continuous hunt for more and better even though what we already have in many cases is good enough. As long as we are in this hunt it will be difficult to feel satisfied.

Even if your definition of being rich would mean to be a millionaire I think it is important to stop and think about what we already have and why we want all those things that we are buying or paying for. Does it really add value in our lives and for how long will it make us happier? And maybe this would bring you closer to your million by stopping excess spending.

Everyone’s definition of being rich is individual and if we ever want to become rich in our lives we need to determine what it means for us.

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